Green Focus

Green Focus: Our Green Business Strategy

At Dr. Caryn M. West & Associates, PC, we are seeking to lessen our impact on the local and global environment by reducing waste generation, recycling and purchasing recycled products, reducing our use of toxic products, conserving natural resources, and partnering with other like minded businesses when possible. We are committed to taking small steps toward continual improvement by implementing the following strategy:

  • Conducting regular Green Focus team training.
  • Notifying our patients and the community at large about our efforts to improve environmental management at our office.

 We realize that the environmental impact of the small business sector is enormous.  Many larger companies are putting time and money into greening up their business practices and we want to support their efforts. We hope to set an example that will encourage team members and patients to go green in other areas of their lives. Here are a few of the small steps that we've taken on our journey to improve the health of our community and promote sustainable business practices:

  • Recycling your old glasses.  Drop your old glasses in the box at the front of our office and give the gift of sight while helping to save the planet. The Lions Club will use your old glasses to give someone in the world new sight.  The #1 reason for visual impairment in the world today is an uncorrected refractive error and no access to glasses!
  • January 2009 fully implemented electronic medical records. A savings of 100 pounds of paper spares 1 tree. Paper manufacturers in the US consume a significant amount of energy each year in the production of paper  not to mention the energy spent harvesting and shipping trees and paper products.
  • January 2010 fully implemented electronic prescribing of medications.  This saves trees and reduces waste entering the landfills.
  • Use e-mail and electronic communications as much as possible to reduce paper use.
  • Recycle and reuse when possible.  This helps cut down the amount of waste materials put in landfills or incinerated while decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation.
  • Use recycled paper towels, tissues, and copier paper.  Looking to expand this to all paper products as available.
  • Retrofitting our fluorescent lighting to become more energy efficient.  Using energy efficient light bulbs when possible.  Using energy saving settings on computers.
  • Cleaning the office with green products and using green hand soap.  This reduces the amount of pollutants going into streams and rivers.
  • Participating in more web-based training seminars in an effort to reduce travel.
  • Employ 1 telecommuter that works part-time from home.  This saves gas consumption as well as preserving air quality and road maintenance.
  • Using environmentally preferable products and services when possible.  For example, weve added several Eco-friendly Eyewear lines with frames made of 100% recyclable materials.

 Help Us See Greener

Ive found the best ideas come from our patients and team members.  We keep an ongoing list of future projects that we intend to implement and we welcome your suggestions on additional steps that we can take to protect the environment and develop sustainable business practices.  Thank you for your help.

Its not just a planet  its our home!

Email us your green ideas at